Where Was Vikings Filmed?

Where Was Vikings Filmed?

Where Was Vikings Filmed? Exploring the Epic Filming Locations of the Show

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at where most of the "Vikings" hit show was filmed and the locations that brought this epic tale to life.


Most of the "Vikings" series was filmed in Ireland. The Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow, and Ashford Studios were the primary locations used for filming. Ireland provided a stunning backdrop for the show's medieval setting, with its rugged coastline, rolling green hills, and ancient ruins. The show's producers were able to transform the Irish landscapes into the mythical world of the Vikings.


Some of the show's scenes were also filmed in Norway, which was used to depict the Vikings' homeland. The village of Gudvangen in western Norway was the main location used for the Viking settlements. The steep mountains, deep fjords, and vast forests of Norway provided a breathtaking backdrop for the show's epic battles and sea voyages.


Towards the end of the series, some scenes were filmed in Canada. The production team chose Canada because it offered a diverse range of landscapes that could be used to depict the Vikings' new world. Some of the locations used for filming included the forests of Ontario and the coast of Newfoundland. Canada provided a stunning contrast to the previous locations, with its rugged landscapes and wild, untamed wilderness.

The Kattegat Viking Set: A Closer Look at the Iconic Filming Location.

vikings kattegat

One of the most recognizable locations in the hit series "Vikings" is Kattegat, the bustling Viking town that serves as the home base for many of the show's characters. But where exactly was Kattegat filmed? As it turns out, the answer is in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland.

The lake location used to depict Kattegat was Lough Tay, a beautiful mountain lake situated in the Wicklow Mountains. The lake was chosen because of its stunning natural beauty and its resemblance to a Viking harbor. The production team built a number of Viking-style buildings along the shore of the lake, including the great hall, which was the centerpiece of the Kattegat set.

The set itself is an impressive feat of construction and design, featuring intricate buildings made of wood and thatch, as well as stone walls and a central courtyard. The attention to detail is incredible, with everything from the weapons and tools used by the characters to the fabrics and textures of their clothing being carefully researched and crafted to create an authentic Viking world.

The use of practical effects was another key element in creating an authentic Viking world. They also incorporated elements like fire and smoke into many of the scenes, creating a visceral and realistic experience for viewers.

Season 5 in Iceland: Filming on the Black Sand Beaches Near Vík

vikings iceland

For the fifth season the production team decided to venture beyond their usual filming locations and headed to Iceland. Specifically, much of Season 5 was filmed on the black sand beaches near Vík, a small village located on Iceland's southern coast. This location provided the perfect backdrop for the show's dramatic storylines, and its striking beauty and unique geological features were used to great effect in the show.

But it wasn't just the beauty of the Icelandic landscape that made it a great filming location for "Vikings". The isolation and danger that can be found in Iceland's wilderness were also used to great effect in the show. The sense of foreboding that comes with being surrounded by such stark and unforgiving terrain helped to heighten the tension of the show's more dramatic moments. And the harshness of the environment, with its unpredictable weather and treacherous terrain, added an extra layer of realism to the show's depiction of the Vikings' struggle to survive in a hostile world.

the Powerscourt Waterfall

the Powerscourt Waterfall was used as a background for several scenes, including the episode "The Wanderer," in which Floki and his followers arrive at a new land after leaving Kattegat. One of the lesser-known facts is that the Powerscourt Waterfall was actually located in County Wicklow, Ireland.

The waterfall's majestic beauty and natural surroundings helped to create a sense of wonder and awe, as well as a feeling of isolation and danger.

This Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Ireland, with a total height of 398 feet (121 meters). It is a popular tourist attraction and a favorite spot for hikers and picnickers. The waterfall is surrounded by lush woodland and offers stunning views of the Wicklow Mountains.

In conclusion, the filming locations used in "Vikings" played a crucial role in creating an authentic and immersive world for the show's characters and storylines. From the iconic Kattegat Viking set in the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland to the striking black sand beaches near Vík in Iceland, each location helped to bring the show's world to life.

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