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Viking Raven skull necklace

Viking Raven skull necklace

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A Nordic style necklace featuring a raven skull

Huginn and Muninn are the ravens of Odin, who symbolize his mental powers and fly over the world during the day to bring the news to Odin in the evening. 

The helm of awe is one of the most mysterious and powerful symbols in Norse mythology. Just looking at its form, without any prior knowledge of what that form symbolizes, is enough to inspire awe and fear.

The Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Available in 2 styles.


  • The chain is made from Zinc alloy
  • Pendant made from zinc alloy
  • Great gift!

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